Jay Derenthal

Crypto AI Strategist, Project Advisor, Investing Consultant

  • Crypto consultant driving innovation and maximizing returns for crypto businesses and investors.

  • Crypto AI strategist using expertise to provide guidance and actionable insights.

  • Accomplished crypto journalist with a portfolio of articles published in renowned publications.

•AI base scanners & trading bots •Asset-backed tokens •DAOs •DeFi •GameFi •Metaverse •NFTs •Small/Micro Cap •STOs •Token Launches & Presales

Recent Work

● 2022–Present

• Adviser to a leading crypto hedge fund, providing guidance on strategic investments and market trends.

• Deal flow provider for a leading crypto VC fund (presales and blockchain tech startups).

● 2021: Media Liaison for the Shiba Inu Project

• Contributed over $1 billion to the SHIB market cap during the 2021 bull run.

• Collaborated closely with founder Ryoshi, core devs, Discord mods, and the Twitter team.

• Authored a highly influential article and interviewed on CoinDesk TV, revealing Shiba Inu’s leadership, operational structure, and personal stories as told by its inner circle.

• Earned widespread trust in the project, propelling SHIB into the CMC Top 20.

● 2015–2020: Journalist at Bitcoin Magazine, Securities.io, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq.com.

● 2020: Founder of a network of GameFi players and NFT traders in the Philippines.

● 2020: Content Developer at the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals.

● 2018–2019: Token Launch and Exchange Listing Specialist at ICO Launch Malta.

- Project Liaison for Malta’s ‘Blockchain Island’ branding campaign.

● 2018: Media Liaison for BlockFi’s inaugural launch campaign.

● 2018: Project Manager at the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Career Training Network.

Crypto Project Solutions

● Token Offerings

• Seed, Presale, Public Sale

• Airdrops, affiliate and bug bounty programs

• Multi-sig & MPC wallet configuration

• STOs (Security Token Offerings), Asset-backed tokens, Reverse ICOs

· Issuance, custody, compliance, governance, and liquidity

· Liquidity Engineering for Private REITs and Private Equity

· Reg D exempt offerings (Rule 506b, 506c early-stage funding, 504) · Reg CF · Reg S

· Reg A+ (Tier 1 and 2) aka 'tokenized mini-IPO' · Intrastate (Rule 147/147A)

● Blockchain Ecosystem solutions for startups, corporations, and brands

• Algorand, Avalanche, Cardano, Cosmos, Ethereum, Near, Polkadot, Solana

• NFTs, GameFi, Metaverse, DAOs, Web3

• Foundation Grants, VC & Broker Outreach, OTC, Deal Flow

• Marketing & Community Engagement

· Positioning, Branding, Fan Loyalty

· Multi-channel—Discord, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Influencer Outreach, PR

• Exchange & Marketplace Listings, Liquidity & Market Making

● Legal & Regulatory

• Licensed Fiduciary Custodian referral

• Whitelisting & KYC/AML, Counterparty Risk Abatement, Fraud Prevention

• Attorney referrals for Domestic & Cross-border Compliance, IP Protection & Transfer

Crypto Investing Solutions

● Institutional, Family Office, Retail

● Trading

• Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins

• Long-bias & Active Trading, AI Base Scanners & Grid Bots, ‘Hot & Trending’ alerts

• DeFi Staking, Auto-compounders, Indexes

● Venture & Hedge Fund Investing, Token Seed & Presale

● Traditional Market Investments

• ETFs—Bitcoin, Ethereum, Metaverse

• ETPs—Single- and Multi-cryptocurrency

• Publicly traded stocks—Exchanges, OTC Trusts, Mining

• Referrals—Accounting, Taxes, IRAs (BTC & ETH)

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Crypto AI Specialist Driving innovation and maximizing returns for crypto projects and investors.